Experience The Flavors Of Asia In These Barbecue Chicken Wings

Whenever it’s game night, my husband usually brings home chicken wings from our favorite chicken place. It doesn’t matter what game; as long as it’s one of the things he loves, he will watch it. He, my brother, and my husband’s brothers love to get together for game nights. Oh, they’re the noisiest! They’re most excited for super bowl, but they cheer just as loud if it’s MBL or NBA on television. Boys and their games are really hard to separate.

But my sister-in-law and I love our boys, so we make sure they enjoy their game nights. If my husband or my brother requests for homemade chicken wings, we can’t say no. Because there are really times when they prefer homemade food over take-outs.

During their last game night get-together, my sister-in-law and I prepared chicken wings for them. We got the recipe from Valerie’s Kitchen, and we tried it for the boys. These chicken wings have that Asian flavor that we were sure they would love.

And they did! They were able to finish eating the baskets of chicken wings we made for them; and we made a lot! It just shows how big of an appetite these guys have; and of course how good this recipe is.

I tried making it again one night, this time for my family’s supper. They loved it with rice and vegetables.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Valerie’s Kitchen.


Quick Tip: If you don’t have metal cooling racks, you could use the top portion of your broiler pan.