Here’s A Delicious, Classic Skillet Recipe You Don’t Want To Miss!

Why is it that we never enjoy Thanksgiving food at any other time of the year? We only eat stuffing, baked mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole and cornbread on Thanksgiving and the day after (thanks to leftovers) but we do not make the rest of that food at any other time.  I think it is a real shame because I love Thanksgiving food and would really like to enjoy it more throughout the year.

Maybe not a whole Thanksgiving dinner at once, but more of like one side at a time with different meals as I cook throughout the year.  I think it would add variety and fun.

One of my husband’s favorite foods is corn.  I am certain I have mentioned his unsightly obsession with it before.  It is pretty crazy, but it is true.

Since that is the case, I am always looking for a new way to make corn recipes.  I recently came across this recipe for cornbread made in a skillet.  I think it is a cool way to use my skillet (which I absolutely love by the way!) and include his love for corn in one dish.  I must admit, it is pretty yummy, too!

Photo and recipe courtesy of This Gal Cooks.


Quick Tip: brush this with butter in the last few minutes of baking to get a nice golden brown.