This Yummy Treat Is The Kids’ Favorite – And It Will Be Yours, Too!

There is nothing I love more than a big batch of something sweet and cool on a warm summer day.  I positively love a refreshing afternoon treat that really makes me cool down and love a good summer day.  Now, when you live where I do (Miami, Florida) you know what I am talking about.  Am I the only girl who only loves to live in the really big hot state instead of anywhere else where it is cold and snowy?

Yeah, I prefer to melt away than live in the snowy area. Now, with that being said, I do get too hot sometimes and wish for cooler temps.  Since it is so hot, I like to find the perfect refreshing treat, but I am always looking for the perfect one.

I do not want to waste my day eating junk just because I am outdoors.  I want something light, refreshing and preferably cold. Well, while browsing Pinterest the other day, I found the perfect treat and although we are in the middle of winter, I have already made it three times and am so ready to make it again. My siblings and I made it on an afternoon pool day and we had such a wonderful time.

Recipe courtesy of Big Bear’s Wife. Image courtesy of The Darling Detail.


Quick Tip: Add chopped strawberries for a new flavor!