How To Take This Common Side Dish To The Next Level

I am a huge lover of potatoes! I think I find a way to eat it at least once a day in my meals.  I incorporate it into dishes where it normally does not belong and I switch them up to make them creamier, crispier, more rustic, with more flavor, just plain with butter, and so many other ways.  I just absolutely love the way mashed potatoes taste no matter what.  I think my absolute favorite is with a dash of Italian seasoning to give it a perfect taste.

Ah, so good! Well, my only thing with mashed potatoes is that it usually takes so long to make.  I mean, I have a great mashed potato recipe that my husband and family LOVE. And so do I… I mean, it is whipped in my Kitchen aid!

It is relatively easy step wise, it just takes a little while and throws me off when I am trying to make a quick dinner.  So for that reason, I always save that recipe for special occasions and am looking and trying new recipes that may be faster.  Well, I found this recipe, and let me just tell you, it is fast, easy and so delicious!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff.


Quick Tip: Add any of your favorite toppings over this!