There’s Nothing Ordinary About This Green Tea Cheesecake

A few nights ago, my husband went home bearing boxes of green tea and a pack of green tea chocolate bars. A colleague of his came back from a vacation in Japan and my husband received those from him as his souvenirs. When I first tasted the green tea chocolate bars, I wouldn’t want to let go of the pack- green tea tastes so good as a chocolate bar and I couldn’t have enough. But of course, I knew my sons should have their own pieces so I relented.

I haven’t seen any of those chocolate bars in the local grocery, but my husband assured me that he has seen one before. I also enjoyed the green tea because it tasted so good even without sugar. It’s probably my next favorite after coffee.

Inspired by green tea, I decided to look for a recipe that I’m sure my family will love. Almost immediately, I found one- green tea cheesecake. And I am telling you, there is nothing ordinary about this.

The cheesecake tastes so good and surprisingly… light. Although I have tasted Japanese cheesecake before and it’s indeed… light. You really need to try this for your family because this tastes amazing!

My sons and my husband loved this- they wouldn’t stop at one slice. So if I were you, head on over to the next page for the complete set of ingredients and instructions!

Photo courtesy of East Meets Kitchen. Recipe courtesy of Dessert First Girl.


Quick Tip: The trick with matcha is not to use too much, or else the flavor will become very bitter.