This Mac’n’Cheese Cures Heartache, Stress And Everything In Between!

I have shared before about my absolute adoration with mac and cheese.  It has been something that I love to enjoy since I was little.  I used to be obsessed with the Kraft kind.  You know, the one with the powdered cheese.  Yeah, I know.  That’s not real cheese and it is kinda nasty if you think about it.  But oh my gosh, it is so good.  I clearly am still just as obsessed with it as I was when I was little.

Nowadays though, I like to venture out and try new things.  For example, I try making pasta and combining it with new cheeses.  Maybe I  will add a little gouda and Pepper Jack.

Together, that is a perfect combination.  Very adultlike if you ask me.  However, it is more gooey than it is creamy.

What I have recently discovered is that to attain that perfectly thick and rich sauce inside of a mac and cheese, you need a couple of secret ingredients along with making it in a Crock pot so it slowly simmers and becomes thicker over time.  That right there is the key to a perfectly thick mac and cheese that in no way resembles Kraft.  I think Kraft would understand if we moved away from them for this.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Diaries.


Quick Tip: Once it is done cooking, transfer from Crock Pot so the edges do not burn.