“Time And Flavor Are Of The Essence,” Says This Garlic Lime Chicken!

I was a bit stressed a couple of days ago because a friend called me that she’s in the area; and that she’s planning to visit me for dinner. I only planned on having warm soup and bread that my family loved. I received the call in the morning when I was already working, so I had a bit of a panic attack. I couldn’t abandon my work so suddenly just to cook for her. My option was to call for take out, but my Mom’s voice kept reverberating inside my head: “You don’t serve a friend take-out when you’re hosting from your house”. And I knew I was doomed.

But then I remember that I have my trusty slow cooker that could do the work for me while I finish my other tasks. So I immediately scanned my pantry and discovered that I have meat. And then I also remembered this simple recipe that will result to something tasty.

This crockpot garlic lime chicken is a dish that will be suited to anyone. The natural flavor of the chicken is enhanced by the strong flavor of the garlic and the zesty flavor of the lime. It’s the perfect combination that you wouldn’t want to miss!

My friend loved it. She even complimented the ingenuity of the dish. My family loved it too, and that’s my biggest reward for that night.

So go grab a copy of this full recipe on the next page!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Diet Hood.


Quick Tip: The veggies and carrots are optional.