It’s Impossible To Top This Amazing Dessert!

One of my favorite restaurants to go to is Chevy’s.  Up until a few months ago, there were none in my town.  The only place I could get it was when we traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando.  There they had one which is where we did my bachelorette dinner right before I got married (we had spent the day in Disney World and were starved!).  We really enjoyed all of our meals from the guac to the queso to the quesadillas.

It was absolutely amazing. My cousin was complaining that we were not able to drink (I was 20 at my bachelorette party, so I could not yet legally) so I consoled her by saying that we would get dessert instead. In my book, dessert trumps alcohol any day!

We asked for their specialty dessert because we were celebrating and out they walked with a huge cup full of their classic Mexican fried ice cream.  Now, this is not really fried. It is a big ball of ice cream coated in corn flakes.

The crunch of the flakes gives the illusion that this is fried which is why they call it that.  But it was delicious.  With loads of whipped cream and much chocolate syrup, this was the best bachelorette dessert ever!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Life in the Lofthouse.


Quick Tip: Serve this with any flavor ice cream you’d like!