This Classic Campfire Treat Just Got An Amazing Make-Over!

If there is one thing I can never turn down it is something s’mores flavored. It is weird because just a few years ago, I really did not care for it. I found it a little weird tasting, and it just was not my thing. I never cared for graham crackers and also was not a fan of marshmallows too much (but the chocolate, yes. I will always take all the chocolate). So, it was strange when suddenly out of the blue one day I ordered a s’mores flavored dessert.

Since then, it has never been the same! Everywhere I go that there is an option for s’mores dessert I get it.  I have even had a drink with s’mores flavoring. It was weird but delicious.  I love everything graham cracker, marshmallows, and chocolate, and even more than that, I love them all together at any time of day.

I have made so many different things from just melting chocolate and putting marshmallows over that, broiling it and then dipping graham crackers into it, to just enjoying a laid back s’more made at home.  My favorite though has got to be this recipe of graham cracker cookie cups filled with marshmallows and chocolate.

Photo and recipe courtesy of To Eat Drink and Be Married.


Quick Tip: Use your favorite type of chocolate for these!