Let Your Slow Cooker Work Its Magic And The Result Is This Comforting Soup

My husband is not necessarily a meat and potatoes guy, per se, but he is certainly a “load it up on any kind of meat” guy.  He does not like a dish that is only pasta.  Or just a sandwich.  Or anything relatively simple.  Actually, funny story: I made a chicken noodle soup the other day, but he likes his soups thick and creamy instead of brothy.  So I put an immersion blender in and whipped it all up into a cream.

Well, he did not like it because it did not have chicken.  I told him it did, it was just blended up in there.  Well, that soup was not a hit because he could not see the protein!

I know, he’s coo coo sometimes! But, he loves his protein! He will add tuna to anything that is missing protein, and will take a bite out of any leftover chicken I have in the fridge.

One time I caught him taking bites out of a leftover whole chicken that was in the fridge.  Cold and whole, he was still biting out of it.  Well, I decided this time to go with a soup that was creamy, yet still had the meat and potatoes.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Plain Chicken.


Quick Tip: Serve with biscuits!