How To Make A Pizza That Fits In Your Pocket!

I positively love pizza.  It is one of my favorite things to eat because it is so versatile- meaning I can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! My husband even takes it a step further and eats it cold.  I cannot do that! I need my pizza to be warm, bubbly and totally delicious for me to be able to eat it, but I still enjoy every single bite when I do it.  Pizza is just one of the best meals we can eat because of its simplicity, ease, and flavor.

You can also switch it up to anything you would like! With that being said, one of my favorite parts about pizza is how much I can change it up.  For example, yesterday we were at a restaurant and we ordered meatball ricotta pizza.

But my brother wanted grilled peppers on it as well, while I did not.  Well, that is when I realized that if we made our own at home, we can have it exactly how we each want every single time by making personal sized pizzas. We can make them with so many variations that it turns out to be something fun to do at home as a family.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Redefined Mom.


Quick Tip: Add any of your favorite pizza toppings in this!