Don’t Expect Me To Share These Cookies!

I love a good cookie recipe.  And by that, I mean something that is original and unlike the normal cookies I get out on the street.  And, furthermore, if you are going to make me a normal cookie, I want it to be exceptional… that I find something in it that is unlike any other cookie of that kind that I have ever tasted. That it would be beautiful, and really tasty.  That is why I was thrilled when I discovered this amazing recipe.

This recipe is unlike any other cookie recipe I have tried, I promise.  I have tried many a chocolate cookie in my life, but like this? Never.  And I really mean that.

This chocolate cookie is different… want to know why?  I will let you in on the little secret, but do not expect me to share my cookies with you… you have got to make your own!

Well, my friends the secret to this cookie lava is NUTELLA.  It is chock-full.  So much that when you take a bite, it just gushes out all warm and gooey as Nutella is.  My, oh my, I cannot wait to make myself another batch of this delicious goodness.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Gastro Senses.


Quick Tip: Drizzle these with Nutella and then some festive sprinkles when they are warm out of the oven.