You Cannot Lose With This Taco Recipe!

I know how tough lawyers are. At home, whenever I am bantering with my brother, I can still hit him at the back of the head even though he’s already a family man and a lawyer. However, whenever he’s in his serious lawyer mode, even I feel intimidated. It’s the same with Andy. I have seen Andy in a serious mode before and it was scary. I actually wonder how the lawyers fighting against them can actually stand their “battle faces”.

Last time though, while I was at their house to visit my niece, I witnessed how food could actually turn these lawyers into softies. When I arrived, there was a group of lawyers at the living room. Andy told me they were discussing a case.

So I excused myself and found my niece in her room. I didn’t want to disturb the lawyers because they looked really serious about this. A couple of hours later though, Andy called me to offer me the snacks she made for her colleagues.

I was a bit surprised at the sudden transformation of the lawyers. Their serious faces were replaced with pleasurable ones as they devoured the soft tacos Andy had made for them. I guess food truly is everyone’s weakness.

Photo and recipe courtesy of My Baking Addiction.


Quick Tip: You can adjust the spices based on your preferred taste.