This Hearty Meal Is The Definition Of Comfort Food

Family reunions aren’t all about fun conversations and laughing moments. There are times when serious talks are what’s happening. This usually is the case whenever one of us younger generation seems to “go astray” our usual paths. I have been at the center once, I have to admit. I have this dream of becoming a best selling novelist. The older generation of my family has been very supportive of the career itself.

But they were a bit doubtful about how it’s going to happen so they sort of ganged up on me and told me to work hard first, focus, earn money, then I could retire to pursue my dreams.  One reunion though was focused on us younger generation in general.

Over a hearty dinner of corned beef and cabbage (one of Aunt Beth’s specialty), the older generation told us stories about how it was when they were our age. They told us how hard life was and how they still persevered to give us a better life.

I think sometimes we needed to be reminded that our parents and our aunts and uncles did have life harder. It’s also nice to be reminded that they had been through a lot more than us and that they knew life better than us. It’s during these times that we were able to reflect on things and how we’re living our own lives.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Southern Bite.


Quick Tip: The corned beef shrinks a lot when it cooks, so make sure you grab one big enough to feed your family or friends.