Why Not Make This Delicious Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup Tonight?

I came home once with my boyfriend telling me with a smirk that I have a visitor waiting for me in the kitchen. Of course I don’t trust him. He’s quite the prankster when he wanted to. Whenever he smirked, it usually meant he was about to pull one on me. However, for some reason, I trusted him that night and went to the kitchen. Only to find a woman waiting for me there.

She was donned in an apron and was cooking something on the stove. It was Rosemary! Rosemary was one of our childhood friends that we didn’t often see a lot because she lived way too far from us. I didn’t know she was visiting so I was truly surprised.

Rosemary told me she and her husband was in town for business. He was currently on a meeting which was why she was free to roam around the city. She remembered we lived nearby.

And since I wasn’t answering my phone, she called my boyfriend. It was fortunate that he was at home for the day and was able to let her in. Rosemary volunteered to cook us dinner so we could catch up.

She prepared a hearty soup for us that night which warmed me up so much I forgot I was tired. Just thinking about that night made me miss her. I hope we’d get together soon again.

This Italian sausage tortellini soup reminds me of my friend. I hope this soup will give you warmth and comfort.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Two Peas And Their Pod


Quick Tip: You can make this into a vegetarian soup by omitting the sausage and using vegetable broth.