Take Me Back To NOLA (Or At Least Make Me These Crabby Beignets!)

I love when I find a really original recipe that I can make from my very kitchen without much of a hassle at all.  You know, I am not the only one who has found an awesome recipe, only to realize that I practically need a restaurant’s kitchen to make it with the difficulties, the equipment and the process necessary.  That is always such a disappointment!

But when you find the perfect recipe that is impressive, original and amazing that you can make from your very home, it is quite a feat! Well, the other day I was over at my neighbor Anne’s house and she was explaining that her family from New Orleans was coming over to spend the evening and have dinner at her house.

She wanted to make something impressive that she knew they would like, so she decided to go with beignets.  She did not know if it was too cliché, but oh well.  And to top it all, she decided to stuff them with an amazing crab salad that was let me tell you, totally out of this world!  My husband is an expert at crab salad and he absolutely loved them!

Photo and recipe courtesy of How To Feed A Loon.



Quick Tip: lather these with sour cream and chives cream cheese!