Discover The Secret To The Most Succulent Chicken Thighs Ever!

Norman’s sweet tooth is going to be the death of him some day. We’re glad that he’s actually not diabetic yet because he consumes sugar faster than he consumes water. Norman wouldn’t eat a thing without sugar in it. Which is why even his pasta dishes always taste sweet. I remember being served a cup of chicken macaroni soup. The first time I tasted the soup part, I thought it was some kind of new dessert.

It turned out Norman used condensed milk for it instead of just regular milk. Norman’s wife Jenny, has revamped all of the dishes she knew just to make Norman happy. While some of the dishes were too sweet for my taste, I loved Jenny’s version of brown sugar chicken thighs.

Her recipe tasted really good with piping hot rice and I couldn’t get enough of it. For the first time, I appreciated Norman’s love for anything sweet. This recipe over at Sweet Tea Sweetie offers the most delectable brown sugar thighs.

This recipe reminds me of Jenny’s version except that this one’s easier to prepare. Please go and check it out! You will realize that there are some dishes really worth trying for even if they’re not the usual food you eat.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Sweet Tea Sweetie.


Quick Tip: You may use chicken breasts if that’s what you prefer. But the cooking time might change because breasts are faster to cook than thighs.