“Simplicity Is Tasty”! This Blueberry Cake Will Agree!

I often say that my family love rich and sinful desserts; the richer and more sinful they are, the more we love them. That will always be true, I think. We really enjoy eating those decadent desserts that will directly send you straight to food heaven. However, just like any normal people, we sometimes crave for something simpler. Usually, when this happens, my answer is always to make a classic dessert. I will never go wrong with a classic dessert.

When I say classic dessert, I mean the simple cakes and the simple bars. A simple chiffon cake, for example, will go a long way. My husband especially loves eating his chiffon slice with butter and jam.

I know a lot of basic cake recipes because that’s what my Mom taught me. That for me to improve on my cake skills, I need to know the basic cake recipes. One of those basic cake recipes that she taught me was this simple blueberry cake.

We always have an onslaught of blueberries at home when I was a kid. Blueberry desserts were our usual desserts that’s why even up to now, I never get tired of anything blueberry. This simple cake is one of my most favorites.

My family loves this cake too. Whenever we find ourselves having a free day, I just serve them a slice of this along with tea and milk. The smiles of contentment on their faces were undeniable.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Bake Or Break.


Quick Tip: You can use your favorite fruit or a combination of fruits for this recipe. You can also use frozen fruits.