You’ll Love This Berry Special Cornbread Cake Makeover!

What do you usually make your your family’s breakfast? Are you the “we need sweets in the morning” type of family or a “we need something that will give us energy for breakfast” type of family? With regards to my family, it depends. Like for example, during Mondays, my husband prefers a really heavy breakfast composed of rich food like sausages, eggs, and toasts. But for the rest of the week, it’s okay whether I would cook a casserole or pancakes.

Personally, I prefer something light for breakfast. Light and common like pancakes or waffles. Sometimes, toasts are fine with me too.

My kids love cereals for breakfast. So whether I will cook something or I will not, it will be okay with them. They want their fruit loops for breakfast.

There are mornings when we want something in between. Not so sweet, but something that will give us energy for the whole day. And this is where this strawberry maple cornbread cake comes in.

You can actually serve this as a dessert, but my husband and I love this as our breakfast. You can serve this with any type of fruits you want actually, but we love this with strawberry.

It’s just a little easy to make. So if you are looking for such a recipe, you can head on over to the next page for the list of ingredients and instructions.

Photo and recipe courtesy of A Couple Cooks.


Quick Tip: Sliced strawberries and sweetened whipped cream are good toppings. But you can also just drizzle maple syrup on top.