Blueberry Crumb Cake Recipe Is A Guaranteed Best Seller!

When we were kids, one of our uncles always brought us to a berry farm. He allowed us to pick berries which we could bring home to our parents. Mom loved it whenever this happened because she’s a fan of fresh berries. We always got rewarded if we brought home a lot because there would surely be loads of desserts that were just too mouthwatering! One of my favorite berry dessert was Mom’s blueberry muffins.

Ironically, Mom never liked blueberries. She always said that she loved making them because they made desserts look good, but she didn’t appreciate the taste. My brother and I on the other hand loved blueberries so much that we could eat them all day.

Mom made the best blueberry desserts though. But most of the time, they’re for the neighbors and for me and my brother. I told her once she was missing a large part of her life by not liking blueberries, but she just let it go.

My love for blueberries was passed on to my sons.  They loved eating them fresh from the grocery. And I allow them all the time even if they get messy.

This blueberry crumb cake from Smells Like Home reminds me of those days when I always had my berry fill. It tastes so much like her muffins too, except that this is a cake. Your family will surely love this, so go ahead and get a copy of the recipe on the next page!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Smells Like Home.


Quick Tip: if you don’t have a springform pan, flip the cake upside down on to a plate that’s larger than the circumference of the cake and then flip it right side up onto a cooling rack.