These Cupcakes Are The Sweetest Way To Your Loved One’s Heart!

I am a huge fan of cake.  I know, I know, you would think I am a huge fan of all desserts, but really, I am picky.  I want to know that if I am eating something, it is not mediocre.  I mean, I am trying to watch my calories, so I do not want to waste my precious calories on mediocre food. That is why when I make, I do not skimp to healthy kind of stuff – that would be crazy, wouldn’t it?

I actually just go straight for the good stuff.  I load it up with butter, flour, sugar.  Anything at all!

Whatever the case may be, I make sure it has all the flavors I love. Well, since I love cake so much, I make it at least once a week.  I love to have a cake that is ready to go for any time of day and that I can prepare in advance and leave on the kitchen counter in my pretty cake bowl for a long time!

Whatever the case may be, I love a good cake.  Well, I realized the other day, that cupcakes are such a cute way to enjoy my daily dose of cake, so I gave them a try.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Life Love and Sugar.


Quick Tip: Add a drizzle of honey over these if you’d like.