Baked Pasta For One Great Relaxing Night!

Sometimes I wake up to a great surprise in the morning. Sometimes, it’s through warm hugs and kisses from little hands. My sons love to sneak inside our bedroom when they wake up before me and my husband. They would insert themselves between me and husband and just cuddle with us. Sometimes, I wake up to an extremely wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. And I know that my husband decided to play cook for breakfast. It’s one of my favorite things to wake up to.

Whenever my husband has the time, he’s the one who takes over the kitchen in the morning. I let him because he usually takes one of his mom’s recipe and cooks it for us. His mom’s recipes are all divine!

My sons love it when their Dad cooks in the morning. He makes sure to give them a little extra and that’s just fine with me. The little extras are not usually bad for them anyway; just a little extra cheese or a little extra serving.

Last time that I woke up to the smell, I immediately went to the kitchen. He was simply baking something which smell permeates all over the house. It was a simple pasta bake, but it has all the right flavors on it!

My sons and I enjoyed that morning. We really devoured what my husband prepared. Who says something as simple cannot be this delicious?

Photo and recipe courtesy of A Couple Cooks.


Quick Tip: If you can’t find cavatappi, any short shape will do: penne or rigatoni would work well, and feel free to substitute gluten-free pasta for Gluten Free diets.