Perfect For Busy Moms – This Super Easy Pasta Is A Family Favorite!

I love preparing different meals for my family every single family.  I mean, I was never taught how to cook, I learned on my own, but I consider myself a pretty good cook and I absolutely love finding new recipes that I can make to both feed my family things they love and challenge myself.  I mean, every time I find a French pastry recipe, or something else that is somewhat complicated, I no longer shy away like I used to.

Instead, I take it as a challenge to become a better chef and make my family something that I know they will love and be surprised and impressed by. Well, I will be honest.  I do not always feel like cooking.

GASP! A girl who spends all day looking for new recipes does not always feel like cooking? Yep! Well, what I do on those days is rely on my quickest cooking meals.

I mean, sometimes I go as far as everyone fend for yourself, whether that may be a sandwich or frozen pizza, but most times, I am up to making a super simple 20 minutes or less recipe.  Well, lucky for me, I found this one just in time for tonight’s lazy dinner!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Melanie Cooks.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite (or leftover) protein.