This New And Improved Way To Enjoy Pizza Is Amazing!

I love pizza.  Growing up, we had pizza at least once a week.  Now, that sounds like once a week, but by throwing in the little “at least” part, I can tell you it was more than that.  At least once a week, it was from Papa Johns, or Little Caesars, but other times in the week, it was frozen Red Baron pizza that we would just pop in the oven and wait 20 minutes for and in no time we would have something so delicious to enjoy.

Our obsession with frozen pizza grew so much, that my dad bought us a toaster oven to make our pizzas because he said the oven was running far too much and he was wasting tons of money on electricity.  The obsession was real.

Well, now that I am a grown up (sort of), I have been looking for new ways to incorporate my love of pizza into my every day meals without necessarily going too over the top and eating straight up pizza every day I am home alone.  I know it is easy, but I want something a little more “grown up(ish)”.  That is why I was delighted when I stumbled upon this quick and easy recipe!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Snappy Gourmet.



Quick Tip: Any of your favorite pizza toppings will work well with this!