Every Day Is A Good Day When You Start It With A Tater Tot Casserole

I look forward to Thanksgiving year round because of the food.  Yes, I am also grateful for many things, but I do not think I am the only one who looks forward to this awesome day because of the amazing food.  There are so many dishes that I only get to enjoy once a year on this day so I always love to be extra hungry to make sure I get a chance to enjoy them all.  It is hard, though because there is just too much food and I cannot keep up.

That is when I realized, why do I have to wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this all?  I can make little dishes here and there throughout the year to enjoy the deliciousness of Thanksgiving.  Some would say that spoils Thanksgiving, but not for me.  I would still be just as excited to eat this on Thanksgiving.

Now I know Thanksgiving dishes take a while to whip up, which is why the one I am sharing today is a crock pot meal! It is easy to throw together and becomes a delicious meal all in one bowl.  It is the perfect reminder of the holidays, while still being a wonderful weeknight meal for the whole family.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Plain Chicken.



Quick Tip: Add a layer of cheese over the top to melt if you’d like.