This Is A Grown Up Version Of The Classic Childhood Dinner

So I am a huge mac and cheese person. Yep, I am that person that will cook up a box of Kraft mac and cheese just for herself on a lazy Saturday night.  Many times, my husband works the weekends, but I am off of work, so those days end up being just me and a cup of coffee relaxing on the couch in front of the TV.  I catch up on all of my favorite shows, re-watch episodes that I really liked, and watch new shows that I end up getting hooked on.

My lineup week after week gets longer and longer.  It is fun to watch it grow and I look forward to those weekends. Well, since I do spend so much time alone, I learn to get creative.

One day, I had made a batch of Kraft mac and cheese and noticed I had leftover bacon from breakfast.  So I crumbled it up and tossed it in.  It was absolutely delicious.

So I started wondering how could I incorporate these two in a nicer, more elegant way?  Well my friends, that is when bacon wrapped mac and cheese cups came into being and I could not be more thrilled with these.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Gunny Sack.



Quick Tip: Add in some fun toppings if you’d like.