The Charming Pie That Will Definitely Crack You Up!

Simple pies are my family’s favorite. As much as we can, we always have these little bonding sessions with each other. Sometimes, I serve pound cakes or cookies along with coffee for me and my husband and milk for the kids. Sometimes, I serve easy ice box cakes. And then sometimes, when I have the time to bake something before that, I serve homemade pies. I have a lot of pie recipes in my hand because my Grandma and my Mom have a lot of pie recipes.

One of my family’s pie favorite recipes is my Mom’s crack pie. This one didn’t came from my Grandma (her expertise was fruit pies). This was something she learned by herself when she became a wife.

My Mom shared this recipe with me when I asked for it. I fell in love with this as a kid so I want my family to taste my mother’s version. They love it so much that my husband jokingly tells me he wouldn’t mind eating it everyday.

This pie tastes so good with its creamy filling and somewhat crisp top. If you would love a copy of a version of this recipe, please head on over to the next page. You will find the list of ingredients and instructions in there.

I am sure your family will love this as much as mine did. It’s the perfect dessert during a bonding moment with them!

Photo courtesy of Averie Cooks. Recipe courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker.


Quick Tip: The filling MUST be made with a stand mixer and a paddle attachment. She said the same texture can’t be achieved through mixing by hand or using a hand mixer.