Over-The-Moon Pretty Pretzel Bites That Made Me Crave For More!

June, one of my high school friends, had invited me one weekend for a playdate for our sons. June has two children. The little girl was still a baby while the little boy was almost the same age as my twins. Chiyo and Calvin love seeing June’s little boy because he has a lot of Play Doh and Play Doh is not permitted in our house. It’s a story for another recipe, but it has something to do with wasting one casserole dish because one of the twins managed to sneak in pieces of their Play Doh in the casserole while I wasn’t looking. It was a good thing I was able to smell something weird while it was in the oven.

So while the boys were playing in front of us, June and I were catching up about each other’s lives. Usually, we talked about a few high school memories and a few of our escapades together when we were young. We also talked about our husbands and their quirks. June’s husband was coincidentally a close college friend of mine. And they were like brothers actually. While we were catching up, June served me these amazing pretzel bites with the creamy cheese sauce. They tasted so good with lemonade, my goodness. I think I was able to spoil my appetite for dinner because I was too full with her pretzels. A copy of this amazing pretzel recipe from Recipe Chatter can be found on the next page. Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Chatter.


Quick Tip: Make the cheese sauce while the pretzel bites cool.

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