These Are Going To Make You Want S’more!

Growing up, my parents always had a fire pit in our backyard.  We lived in Miami which meant there were very few days where it was worth it (or even comfortable) to start a fire.  It was just always too hot and uncomfortable to do it.  But, when those chilly winter days did come, we had a blast getting a fire going, and sitting on logs with jumbo marshmallows on a stick waiting for them to roast.  We were always stocked on everything we needed to make s’mores since you never knew when a cold night would roll around.  When it did, we were always ready!


Since my childhood of fire pits and s’more making, I have always loved marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker combination.  It was just such a tasty result that came from those that I always looked to find any and every dessert that I could find that made it.  I remember going to the food and wine festival at Disney World and having a s’mores drink.  It was amazing and my love for s’mores has only grown over the years, which is what brings me to this recipe.  This is the epitome of my s’mores obsession. It is positively amazing!

Photo and recipe courtesy of OMG Chocolate Desserts.




Quick Tip: Top with a Hershey’s kiss if you’d like!


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