This One Will Make You Go Bananas With That One Special Ingredient!

The other day, my granddaughter was over my house helping me clean up a bit and then I promised her I would take her out for ice cream.  As I was ironing some clothes, that little girl was in and out of the room putting things away, helping me reorganize my drawers and hanging up the clothes I had just finished ironing.  For only being 10 years old, she is quite the helper and a wonderful addition to a good spring cleaning day!
After we finished cleaning, we got all dressed up and went to head out for ice cream. Before that, we passed by the kitchen to make sure the candle was off when Alexa noticed that I had some ripe bananas in my basket.  She asked me what I was planning to do with that and I told her likely make pancakes because I did not know what else.  She begged for us to make banana bread instead and decided she preferred that over ice cream.  So we stayed home and made this banana bread the best we possibly could and enjoyed it with a bowl of ice cream from the freezer instead!  It was so delicious, especially with that one special ingredient!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Recipe Critic.




Quick Tip: Use fresh or frozen strawberries for this!


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