Auntie’s Sweet Sausage Spinach Frittata That Brought Joy To Everyone’s Faces!

This sweet sausage spinach frittata breakfast indeed brought joy to everyone’s faces. You should have seen the faces of my cousins and my relatives when my Aunt served this yummy treat for breakfast. I couldn’t imagine that it would taste this great, actually. Sometimes, Aunt Marge has the habit of just putting things together for breakfast without thinking whether they would taste great together. I mean, yes, she was a good cook, but she wasn’t one to make too much of a fuss over breakfast. While it’s the most important part of the day, she usually uses all of the leftover dishes to make one hearty breakfast casserole experiment.

This sweet sausage spinach frittata wasn’t exactly an experiment though. I remember her making this before for everyone. Which was why when we all came down to breakfast the morning after the reunion and saw this, we were all happy. The familiar smell of the frittata told us that it was not an experiment and it was something that would taste homey and familiar to all of us. It was fortunate that Aunt Marge made two because the first serving of this frittata dish wasn’t enough. In fact, the first dish she served was gone in seconds. A copy of this amazing sweet sausage spinach frittata from Recipe Chatter can be found on the next page. I hope your family will enjoy this as much as mine did!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Chatter.


Quick Tip: Buy the Gruyere cheese shredded, if there’s shredded available.

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