Peanut Butter And Hearts? Oh Gosh, This Is Too Cute!

I love a good Valentine surprise.  Whether it be sweet treats, or a gift, there is something so special about a good surprise to give to the one you love.  Just a couple of days ago, I was preparing my husband’s annual Valentine’s surprise.  Every year, I make him a photobook of all the adventures of the previous year.  My husband does not have the best memory, so seeing pictures really helps him remember everything we did in the year.  He loves this gift because it is so simple, yet so person.

As I was working on this surprise, I was getting pretty hungry.  But I had already eaten lunch, so I just wanted a snack.  Specifically, something sweet.  Actually, I wanted something that was sweet AND salty. What in the world could I make that would cover both those bases? Well, I went into my pantry and found a tub of peanut butter.  I decided to go with that.  I made these simple cookies and devoured them in no time.  I think these are my new Valentine surprise book companion.  Year after year, these will be by my side the whole way.  Maybe I will let my husband in on my little secret.  I am pretty sure he would appreciate it!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Semi Sweet Sisters.




Quick Tip: Frost these with homemade glaze if you’d like.


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