3 Ingredients In A Mug Make THIS?!

I am the oldest of five kids.  So growing up with that many siblings, every time we cooked or baked, we made a full recipe, if not doubled it.  It was always loads of food that we made because we were so many plus my parents and grandma who also lived with us.  It was so much fun and we were always trying new recipes which was fun and exciting.  However, after many years of living like that making loads of food, I got married and suddenly lived with a man by myself.  Just 2 of us. 

Well, let’s just say it took me forever to get accustomed to cooking for two.  I used to make way too much food in one meal.  So much, that we would not be able to go through the leftovers fast enough and they would end up going bad.  I had to learn how to downsize.  Same happened with dessert.  I would make far too much which would cause us to either gain a bunch of weight or throw it away. Since then, though, I have learned and found perfect single serving recipes or some for two that are great if you are on your own, married or just have a roommate.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Tablespoon.com.




Quick Tip: Add some chocolate chips if you’d like.


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