The Tomato Soup And Her Love For Dancing

Abby loved to dance. She often skipped academic classes because her dance classes happened to be at the same time. In our hometown, parents valued education so much. As much as possible, if we could, we should go to college and finish a bachelor’s degree. Most of my friends did, including me. We all graduated from a local high school and went to the big cities’ colleges. The last time we heard about Abby, she was accepted in a dance school.


When my friends and I got together at a coffee shop in the city where most of us worked, we finally saw Abby. She was working as a barista in said shop and was surprised and happy to see us. She then invited us to her home, which was at a decent apartment building a couple of blocks away, so we could catch up. She made us tomato soup and reheated a few rolls in the oven. We ate dinner while she told us about how her life has been. She said her parents didn’t want her to continue to pursue dancing so she left town and tried to go after her dream. For a while, she struggled. She lived in a small apartment and ate nothing but the tomato soup we’re eating. Eventually, she lucked out and was accepted in a dance school. It wasn’t as prestigious as her dream school, but at least it was still a dance school. And now she taught there as an instructor while she worked as a barista during the night.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Faux Martha.




Quick Tip: Too thick? Add a bit more water until desired texture is reached.

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