Libby’s Mom’s Homemade Maple Donuts And A Job Well Done

Libby is my goddaughter from my friend, Annie. She’s 5-years-old and is quite a normal kid except that she loves what most kids don’t love doing—cleaning the house. Whenever I go visit them, Libby is holding a broom. Annie thinks it’s cute so she just lets her, but it’s always distracting me. Annie just laughs whenever she sees me try to persuade Libby to play instead. Well, she does play, but she still loves cleaning more. I remember when I accidentally spilled a drop of coffee at the coffee table, Libby immediately has a rag in hand and wiped it. Oh my goodness! When I was 5-years-old, I was busy hiding from my Mom just because I didn’t like washing the dishes!


Annie told me it was because of her donuts. Once, Libby had done something really good so Annie rewarded her with a donut. A donut recipe that she got from her mother. It makes use of maple as its main ingredient. And since Libby loves pancakes, she fell in love with it too. Since then, every time Libby does something good, Annie rewards her with a donut at the end of the week. But she also said that Libby cleaning has become a habit. Sometimes she even forgets to collect her reward! I will never forget a reward that good though. I tasted Annie’s maple donuts and they’re to die for! Much like this similar recipe that I found over at this wonderful site.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Faux Martha.




Quick Tip: Donuts can be made the night before. Store uncovered on the rack.

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