Buttery And Colorful – It’s a Party In My Mouth!

I love a good cookie recipe. Something that is simple, classic, and easy to make, but has loads of flavor and people really enjoy. I mean, how boring is it to be the person who brings cookies to a party and they stay there all night without being touched. Oh no. I want to be the person who is asked to bring cookies and as soon as I place my plate down, my attractive and delicious looking cookies call the names of all the party goers and are gone in no time. That’s a baker’s cookie dream.


Anyway, last year I was invited to a little girl’s birthday party. I was not really supposed to bring anything, but I asked the mama if I could bring something festive and fun for the kids to munch on. She told me anything would be welcome. I wanted to make something funfetti, but I thought cupcakes would not be the best idea because they would compete with the mama’s beautiful birthday cake that she had made, so I decided to go with funfetti cookies. To say they were a hit was an understatement. They were festive, beautiful, and totally delicious and devoured in no time!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff.




Quick Tip: Make wonderful ice cream sandwiches with these.

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