The Chocolate Chip Cake That Unexpectedly Changed Zac’s Life

Zac grew up in a house full of women. He has four sisters, with three of them older than him. Being the only boy, he was often teased as someone who “hid under his sisters’ skirts”. Growing up in a household full of women, Zac was forced to learn how to cook really well. Everything that his sisters knew, he knew. There were even some dishes that he did better than them. One of Zac’s mother’s specialty was her cookie cake. She baked really large cookies full of nuts and stacked them together to turn them into one heavenly cake. Zac managed to master that and gave a little twist of his own. Instead of nuts, he used chocolate chips. I knew because I was one of the first who had a taste of his version.


Zac was in love with one of our friends. The thing was, everyone’s in love with Catherine. Every day, one guy would wait for Catherine outside the classroom just to give her flowers or chocolates. What they didn’t know was that that Catherine fell in love with someone the moment she learned he knew how to cook. That was during high school. This year, Zac and Catherine are about to celebrate their 3rd year of marriage. And Zac bakes still bakes that cake for them every anniversary. Again, I know because I am always invited.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Faux Martha.




Quick Tip: You can make this for special family occasions.

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