These Strawberry Shortcake Bars Will Make You Dream Of Summer Days

I love to look forward to the next season. Whatever that may be, I am always trying to find a new recipe to incorporate, or a cool combination of flavors that work well for that season. Right now, in the middle of a cold, rainy and dreary winter, I am dreaming of the sunny days with no clouds in the sky that are over 90 degrees F daily. It is so refreshing and fun when that time rolls around, and since I am craving it right now, I figured I would attempt to get some summer vibes into my home by making a summery dessert.


Strawberries are so much fun to eat, whether they are plain, with a dusting of sugar, coated in strawberries, or any other way. Whichever way you choose to make your strawberries, you cannot go wrong – it is definitely a summer treat! Well, one thing I love to do is figure out a way to combine strawberries and cake. I had a strawberry cake for my wedding, so it is a sweet remembrance of that every time I make a cake that incorporates strawberries in the recipe. This right here is the perfect alternative to a traditional cake.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Lil’ Luna.




Quick Tip: Make homemade whipped cream for the top, or use Cool Whip.

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