Let This Delish Old School Recipe Fill You Up Tonight

Living in sunny south Florida, we really have no experience with winter. The most we get is our temps in the 50s (on a SUPER cold day), when we all pull out our boots and scarves so we can wear them at least once in the year. It is a bit pathetic, but if we do not pull them out then, we will never wear them! It is a fun day, to say the least, and we all wish it lasted longer, but that is the extent of our winter. However, that does not stop us from experiencing winter.


While we are waiting for winter to come around, we make the house chilly by turning the A/C low and then making ourselves classic winter dinners. Sometimes we have stews, and other times casseroles and cobblers. In an effort not to heat up our house to much (it is pretty hot outside after all), we use our crock pots more often. In doing that, it makes it seem like it is winter even more. This recipe right here is the perfect winter soup, full of hearty ham and beans, whether you actually are experiencing winter or having a fake winter like us!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies.




Quick Tip: Throw in any of your favorite veggies with this.

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