Cheesy Basil Stuffed Chicken Breast Will Take Your Taste Buds To Another Galaxy Of Flavor

My Love From The Star is a Korean drama that I happened to encounter while I was searching for suggested movies in the internet. I got so curious with the premise that I searched for a site where I can watch it online. It was quite difficult to search one with subtitles. It was a story about an actress and an alien who fell in love. The alien, the guy, came from a far away star in another galaxy. He’s been living in this world for a hundred years now, waiting for the star to appear so he could go back home. But then he met the actress and it turned his extra-terrestrial life around.


So what does this have to do with the recipe I found over at Confessions of a Confectionista? Well, not much really. Except that this recipe is the perfect companion while watching such an enjoyable TV series. This was the food I was eating while I was watching it and that might have made the experience more enjoyable. This dish is so cheesy and is made more fragrant by the basil that you wouldn’t be able to speak a lot while eating. You will just want to enjoy it until the last morsel.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Confessions of a Confectionista.




Quick Tip: For your convenience, use toothpick to seal the chicken.

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