Chevy’s Ain’t Got Nothing On My Sopapillas!

I absolutely love Mexican food. I am elated every time a new restaurant opens in my area and I get to go out there and give it a try. I usually start with the same meal: a quesadilla with sour cream on the side. After that, I judge if it is worth going back. If it is, I go back and order something a little more complex along with a dessert. I absolutely love when a good Mexican restaurant has fried ice cream, but even more than that, I love when they have sopapillas!


My neighbor Anne recently invited me over her house for dinner. We had a fajita casserole all to ourselves, but layered that over a bowl of Mexican rice. We added all the toppings our little hearts desired, and chowed them down. After that, we were stuffed. But, we knew we had to save room for dessert because it was going to be that good! We took out our dough, made the cheesecake filling and layered it up. We popped it in the oven and it baked beautifully while we cleaned up the rest of the kitchen. After that, we enjoyed our sopapillas with a cup of hot cocoa. Delish!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Sugar Apron.




Quick Tip: If you are a chocolate lover, drizzle chocolate sauce over the top of these.

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