The Pumpkin Pancakes That Saved My Heart

This is probably the sappiest story that I will ever write, but it’s true—pumpkin pancakes saved my heart. It happened a few days ago, when my boyfriend’s parents suddenly decided to pay their second-to-the-youngest son and her weird girlfriend a visit for the first time. I was panicking. It was the first time that I would get to meet them in person; and my boyfriend wouldn’t be home until the next day because of work. I was the only one there to face the firing squad. I meant the hungry squad. Fortunately, even though there was that little tension, they were really kind. His mom was very sweet and very warm southern and his dad has the heartiest, friendliest laugh. Still, I felt like I was being observed in silence.


We had a nice afternoon. His mom told me a lot of embarrassing childhood stories about him, which was a must-tell whenever you meet your son’s “other half”; and we had bit of a kitchen talk. His Mom insisted to cook dinner for us and I allowed her. She taught me a few things that blew me away. That night, with a serious tone, she asked if I could cook breakfast for all of us. I agreed, of course, and spent the whole night thinking about what to prepare. I felt like it was a test; if I could feed his son and her future grandchildren. Mom saved me by telling me to make simple pancakes for breakfast, but with a twist. It was then that I remembered how his mother loved pumpkins. The next day, when my boyfriend finally joined us for breakfast, I swear she was extra warm towards me. I even received a warm hug before they left. I swear it was those fluffy moist pancakes that saved the day!

Photo courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker. Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living magazine via




Quick Tip: Garnish with your favorite pancake toppings.

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