Through Baked Popcorn Chicken Is How I Met Your Father

Stories like “How I Met Your Mother or Father” always get to me. Why? Because I have friends who have the weirdest stories regarding how they met their husbands. Weird but fun stories that always have me laughing and at the same time aaw-ing. One of the stories I heard is Gina’s. Gina is one of my closest friends whose husband is 10 years older than she is. Well, her husband is not supposed to be for her but for her older sister. But because of chicken popcorn, everything changed. And that’s how she liked telling the tale to her 5-year-old daughter.


It was a set up. Gina’s sister was supposed to meet her blind date at this friend’s party, but she was caught up with work at the last minute. She sent Gina to apologize to her friend and since she was free that time, she agreed. Upon arriving at the party, Gina couldn’t find her sister’s friend. Since she’s not fond of crowd, she sneaked in towards the unoccupied kitchen only to find it occupied by a slightly older man who was cooking something in the oven. It so happened that the party host ran out of food and he’s the only one who could cook. Gina became his food tester that night. Who knew Gina would become his food tester forever? Oh God, that was so cheesy. Before I get any cheesier, please check out the recipe similar to the baked chicken popcorn that sealed Gina’s forever.

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Quick Tip: You can cut the chicken into bigger bites if you prefer. Serve with your favorite dip.

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