“Kiwi Be Friends?” The Kiwi Pie And One Strong Friendship

This kiwi friendship story isn’t about me. This is about my nephew from my favorite cousin, and his newly found friend. My nephew is six-years-old; loves to rollerskate; and loves kiwis so much. It’s his mother who told me the story because he’s too “manly to be sappy”.

My cousin and her family moved in a new house just recently so they barely knew anyone. On their first day, my nephew got into a fight with a boy who lives at the house in front of theirs. It was over something silly and it was the other boy who started it. He called my nephew names and teased him about his height. My cousin told him not to mind it, but he didn’t listen and got into a brawl with the boy. The boy’s mother was very kind though and apologized the next day. She explained that the boy just lost his brother to an accident a year ago and my nephew must have reminded him of the one he lost. My cousin didn’t know her son was listening. The next day, my nephew dragged an irritated but kinda pleased boy inside their house to share his favorite kiwi pie with the boy. No one knew what happened that day before the kiwi pie, but the boys are now best friends. They really got each other’s backs. That and they always share a slice of kiwi pie.

Photo courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker. Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart Living magazine via Food.com.




Quick Tip: Drizzle with a little caramel syrup on top of your own slice for that extra rich taste.

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