Hands Down, This Lasagna Recipe Blows All Other’s Off The Dessert Table

I love lasagna.  I mean, I LOVE lasagna.  It has everything I love: pasta, tomatoes, and cheese.  All, loads and loads of cheese! Well, after a long time of making lasagna in a traditional way, my neighbor Anne told me I had to try her lasagna.  She sent me the ingredients.  I thought she had messed up.  What she sent me for was chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, and cool whip. WHAT? Where’s the real lasagna stuff?  She told me to just buy the stuff and come on over.  Well, I did and guess what? She really surprised me!


After searching high and low for all these ingredients, still not knowing why I was not buying, I found everything.  She met me at my house and brought her lasagna dish.  I thought she was going to make the lasagna and I was going to make the dessert.  Well, it turns out, these were the ingredients for the lasagna.  Next thing I knew, Anne was layering chocolate over whipped cream, over chocolate chips and so many more amazingly delicious treats.  They were full of chocolatey goodness and this was the perfect lasagna I had ever seen. I must admit, even better than my classic lasagna.

Photo and recipe courtesy of I Heart Naptime.




Quick Tip: Add chopped brownies if you’d like


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