Here’s A Cheesy Bacon Dip Everyone Is Sure To Love And If They Don’t…They’re CRAZY!

The super bowl is a small (or large, depending on how you see it) event that brings together many parts of the family under one roof for a fun and exciting day.  Most everyone is thrilled to get together to watch a game and enjoy some quality family time together. I think one of the favorite parts that everyone enjoys most is the food involved with the super bowl.  That is the time when I pull out all the big guns and make some of my best dips and finger foods ever.  I love putting together new and cool recipes that everyone is sure to love!

Dips are the best thing that go with Super bowl games.  More than that, cheesy dips are the best.  I love sitting on the couch, snuggled up next to my man, representing my favorite team with a cool t-shirt and matching cap… along with that, I love to have a bowl full of different dips and then a plate full of tortilla chips.  The funnest (is that even a word? Haha) part of the Super bowl is definitely sampling all this amazing food! I am so excited to make this dip for this year’s super bowl and can just imagine how delicious it really is!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Tip Hero.




Quick Tip: Sprinkle a bit of hot sauce over it if you like some heat


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