Create The Perfect After-Dinner Dessert With These Crescent Roll Danishes

The first time I had a crescent roll, I was at my sister’s house.  She had invited me over for coffee and cheese Danishes so I was thrilled.  I LOVE Danishes.  I have tried so many over the years, but there is nothing quite like the homemade kind.  Well, when I got to the house, the pastries were made and set out on the table on a beautiful plate and she was by the coffee pot waiting for it to finish brewing.  We poured ourselves a couple cups of coffee and set out to chat about our day.  We spent so much time talking about our childhood and catching up that I almost forgot to try the Danish.


Well, I took one bite and was so impressed.  I could not believe that my sister had baked these.  I told her that and she just smirked, so I knew something was up.  I asked her what she did to these and she admitted that she did not bake the pastry herself.  I asked her for the brand because I had to go out and get this beauty and she then admitted to me that it was just crescent roll dough.  I was shocked.  These were too amazing to be made with crescents.

Photo and recipe courtesy of My Incredible Recipes.




Quick Tip: Use Cinnamon Roll crescents if you’d like


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