Full Of Caramel, Chocolate And Nuts, This Is The Best Dessert To Serve On A Down-In-The-Dumps Day

My dad absolutely loves turtles.  You know, the kind you can find at a candy shop in downtown Savannah, Georgia or in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  There are just so many different kinds full of yummy textures and flavors in all of these, it is so hard to choose just one.  With so much to choose from, every time we go, we sample all of the platters until we find the one that we absolutely love and then my dad will buy one and enjoy it outside in the cold with a hot chocolate.


After realizing that my dad loved turtles so much, I realized that I had to make some for him.  It tried, but they just were not as good as the ones we had tried back in those little old towns.  Well, when his birthday rolled around, an idea came to me: turtle cake.  Better yet: turtle POKE cake! Yessss, can you just imagine a chocolate cake, poked with holes, filled with creamy caramel and chocolate goodness and then topped with nuts? Well, dream no more, I have found the perfect recipe for your turtle loving friend’s next birthday!  But do not wait til then, get these ingredients now and get baking!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mom Loves Baking.




Quick Tip: Top this while still warm


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