Chock Full Of Chicken And Spices This Hearty Carbonara Is Way Better Than Any Restaurant Version

Chicken carbonara is the meal I eat every single time I get the opportunity to.  Whether I am at Applebee’s, Chili’s or The Cheesecake Factory, if I can order chicken carbonara, I do.  In case you have not enjoyed it in a while, it is fettuccini (or any pasta you would like, really), in a delicious creamy pink sauce, with lots of peas and bacon spread throughout with a good dose of chicken to top it all off.

It is creamy, rich and has tons of flavor. No wonder it is my favorite pasta dish! Now, I knew I could not go out to enjoy that every single time I wanted to eat it, so I decided to find a recipe to make at home, and boy was it not disappointing.

This recipe makes the dish EXACTLY how I like it.  Lots of creamy sauce that does not dry up, a mound full of chicken, a handful of peas and lots and lots of crispy bacon (that is the best part, of course!).  Sometimes, I even make a double batch of bacon to make sure I get some in every single bite.

It is just that good.  Give this recipe a try, it is the perfect one for when you are entertaining houseguests!


Photo and recipe courtesy of Busy Creating Memories.




Quick Tip: Top with any veggies you’d like


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