A Year Round Apple Recipe That You’re Bound To Love!

I know we are heading into the season of winter desserts like rum cake or hot chocolate, but I still have an affinity towards fall desserts.  I want to enjoy them as long as I possibly can and to be quite honest with you friend, I will.  I am not going to allow winter to take away from me the pleasure of enjoying a fall dessert.  I am going to stand firm and enjoy what I love, even if that means eating it year round.

Okay, so maybe I am kidding.  Actually, I am definitely kidding.  My husband will not let me make the same one dessert all year.  He wants variety.  But me?  I am so perfectly happy with any good apple dessert.  Think apple crisp, apple pie, apple dumplings, and caramel apple empanadas from Taco Bell.  Yep, those are my jam.  Now, the only thing about apple recipes is that they are so tedious to make because apples are so complicated to cook.  But, here I have found the solution to all apple dilemmas…an apple dump cake in the crock pot!  You just let it do it’s thing and bam!  You will have the perfect apple cake in no time.  Enjoy it with a big scoop of ice cream.  That’s just a personal tip.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Moms With Crockpots.




Quick Tip: Serve with ice cream and whipped cream over the top.  You can even add chopped nuts for texture!

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